Mass Times

St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Paphos

Monday   9.00am Mass Agia Kyriaki
9.00am Mass, Agia Kyriaki
12pm Mass Agia Kyriaki
Thursday   9:00am Mass, Agia Kyriaki
Friday Lenten Friday Observance Mass will be at 11.30am followed by Stations of the Cross.
Saturday  4.00pm Mass (English) Latin Parish Hall
6.00pm Mass (English) Agia Kyriaki
6.00pm Mass (English) St. Dimitri’s Polis
10.00am Mass (Latin) Agia Kyriaki
11.00am Mass (Polish) Agia Kyriaki
12.00pm Mass (English) Agia Kyriaki

Remember we should go to confession at least once a year for Lent-Easter Time
Saturday 5:15pm – 5:50pm. Sunday during any Mass. Or at any time, just ask one of the priests.

To view a map of the locations of places of worship within the Parish click HERE

Weekday Mass times may occasionally be subject to change in the case of funerals, visits etc. taking place.

Holy Hour of Adoration Wednesdays 11am at Agia Kyriaki, and Thursdays 7:30pm at Presbytery Chapel. Join us in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
Sri Lanka Community Mass every 3rd Sunday at 1:15.
Philipino Community Mass every last Sunday at 12pm.
Maronite Mass every Sunday at 12:00 pm, in the Presbytery Chapel.