Holy Week and Easter 2019

Palm Sunday (14th April). (Palms distributed at all Masses)

Saturday(13th April)
4pm Latin Parish Hall
6pm Agia Kyriaki

Sunday (14th April)
10am Latin
11am Polish
12 midday English

Holy Thursday (18th April)
Mass of last supper
6pm Agios Demetri Polis
8pm Agia Kyriaki Paphos

Good Friday (19th April)
Passion of Our Lord
3pm Agia Kyriaki, Paphos
3pm Agios Demetri, Polis

Holy Saturday (20th April)
Easter Vigil Mass
7pm Agios Demetri, Polis
8pm Agia Kyriaki, Paphos

Easter Sunday (21st April)
Agia Kyriaki Paphos
10am Latin
11am Polish
12 midday English

Weddings Information

The Wedding information pages are being revised and are currently offline. They will be available again shortly, until then please direct in questions to Fr. Jim Kennedy  (+357) 99 793 169.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. 


IVE Easter Celebrations in Cyprus

It was with great joy that we received in Paphos seven of our brother priests from the Institute of the Incarnate Word for our 2017 Easter celebrations, known as Pascuetas. These religious came from as far as Egypt and Tunisia and also from missions within our province in places such as Israel and even our mission in Aleppo, Syria!  

As some of them were visiting Cyprus for the first time, we felt it our job to make their trip a memorable experience. The short (therefore  intense) tour included visits to archaeological sites, the Troodos Mountains, some monasteries and churches including St. Lazarus in Larnaca and of course, our church of Agia Kyriaki, where we celebrated Holy Mass and were able to introduce our missionaries to the parishioners.

We keep praying for our IVE religious family and for the fruits of our missions. God bless Cyprus and God bless the IVE.

Fr. Fernando Flores, IVE

News from the IVE Provincial Superior (Fr. Carlos’ and Fr. Fernando’s Superior)

PreachingAlexandria, Egypt, April 1, 2017

To our Province:

Thanks be to God we have a new Novitiate in the region! The San Francisco Javier Novitiate of Tanzania!

And we have a new missionary: Father Orazio Cangialosi, Very welcome!

God continues to bless us with abundant vocations in the two Provinces of the Region. Just like the rest of our little Religious Family around the world.

 We give thanks to the Lord and at the same time, we renew the effort to discover, propose and accompany vocations.They are a gift from Heaven! But the Lord often wants this gift to come through other people.

As beautifully expressed in our Directory of Vocations, nº 83: “Vocations exist, but we have to look for them. “God calls whom he wills by free initiative of his love. But he wants to call through our people … There should be no fear to propose directly to a young, or not so young person, the Lord’s call “[1]. “The Lord is always the one who calls, but it is necessary to favor the listening of his call and to encourage the generosity of the answer” [2]. 

Currently the IVE (Institute of the Incarnate Word) in the Middle East has 4 minor Seminarians (Egypt); 31 postulants (Tanzania, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria); 4 novices (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Rome); 4 senior seminarians and deacons (Egypt and Rome).

We know that every vocation is a fruit of God’s love, absolutely undeserved. None of ever deserved, neither the first call of the Master nor the constant call to persevere. It is a free gift from God!

Let us give thanks to God for these blessings and work hard to spread the Kingdom of Christ over the whole earth: “As long as there is a corner of the world without praising the one who came to save us, the Earth has no end!” (The Divine Impatient).

Let us celebrate these gifts of the Lord and try to continue living, albeit costly, in “righteousness, joy and peace” in the Holy Spirit.

The faithfulAs John Paul the Great, Father of our religious family said, “Every call of Christ is a unique and unrepeatable love story” (World Day for vocations 1984).

In Domino

P. Gabriel Romanelli, IVE
Provincial Superior in the Middle East