Weddings at St. Paul’s Catholic Parish Paphos.

We are happy to welcome people coming here for the Sacrament of Marriage.

Roman Catholic weddings must be in a church or chapel.

We have a number of these in our parish which includes Paphos, Pissouri and Polis and their surrounding areas.

In Paphos we have Agia Kyriaki, our parish Church or St. George’s Chapel, Chloraka.

There are also Chapels at:
The Elysium Hotel Paphos;
Kefalos Hotel Paphos;
Aphrodite Hills Intercontinental Hotel.

In the Polis area there is a chapel at the Anassa Hotel, Latchi.

At Pissouri the Columbia Beach Resort Hotel has a Chapel.

However there are a number of very important things Couples need to note.

  1. 1. If a couple wish to get married here they must first see the Parish Priest in their home parish, at least 6 months prior to any marriage, He will say if a marriage is possible
  2. Then phone our wedding coordinator to PENCIL in a date for the wedding here.
  3. The Priest will fill in a Pre nuptial enquiry form and will collect all the papers he needs from you.
  4. The Diocese of Jerusalem, in common with most diocese, requires that you do a pre marriage course and that the Priest includes a letter or certificate that you have done such a course in the marriage papers.
  5. Once completed the Priest sends these documents to his diocesan bishop asking for the wedding to be celebrated outside his diocese here at St. Pauls, Paphos, Cyprus. If the bishop agrees the forms are sent to our Vicar General here in Cyprus (Fr. Jerzy Kraj, Holy Cross Church, Paphos Gate, PO Box 21964, 1010 Nicosia, Cyprus.) who then gives us permission to go ahead with the marriage.
  6. Only then can we confirm the booking
  7. The papers need to be at the home diocese at least 3 months prior to the wedding, so should arrive here in Cyprus some 2 months before the wedding.
  8. Wedding services here follow the Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage outside of the Mass. (Please note if using UK version the wording here is different and is that of the Roman Ritual). (If Nuptial Mass requested a special arrangement needs to be made)
  9. Readings must come only from the lectionary, the section ‘Sacrament of Marriage’.
  10. Music. In Agia Kyriaki only organ music may be used. In other venues we have to use CD’s but these must be of Church music only.


If wishing to book a wedding our coordinator Susie, who may be contacted on (+357) 26931640 or (+357)  99613715.

Visiting Priests

If you have a Priest coming with you whilst very welcome, please inform us well beforehand and remind him he needs to produce a Celebret from his Diocese in order to take part in the service.


  1. See your home Parish Priest at least 6 months prior to any wedding to get his agreement to a wedding.
  2. Phone us to pencil in a proposed date for wedding
  3. Complete all paper work and pre marriage course
  4. Your home Parish Priest to send papers to home Diocesan Chancellor
  5. Diocese to send to our Vicar General at least 3 months before wedding
  6. Our Vicar General gives us permission to do wedding.
  7. Only then do we confirm booking!